For the last two days, I have done a lot of research on how to How To Improve Google Search Ranking Friends Search Engines. And after a few hours of research. I have to go through those 4 keys, which can be accessed on the first page in Google Search Engine.

How To Improve Google Search Ranking

How To Improve Google Search Ranking

  1. Create Quality And Unique Content

  2. Make High-Quality Backlinks

  3. Optimize Your Website (SEO)

  4. Be Patience

We are not talking about Google Page Rank, because what is going to tell you in Key Factor is Generic and it applies to all Search Engines,

That means you must follow these factors to come to the first page on all search engines. So let us discuss one and all of these Factors after one.

Create Quality And Unique Content

All Search Engines have their own policy and they all give importance to Unique Content and Improve Google Search Ranking Really this is a very important policy.

As we assume that today you are about to write an article about "Google Search Engine" and after spending 5 - 8 hours in it when it is published, it comes to First Page in all Search Engines.

But after two days you see that your article Same Keywords which you used in your post is not on the first page, but here are 10 bloggers who have copied your articles. Then think about how will you feel?

Then it will be very bad for you. You will feel cheated yourself. So Friends give Search Engines unique content to reduce all these Cases if you do not believe me, then you can try it.

So if you want to come to the First Page in the Search Engine then you can write Unique Articles on Latest Topics with excellent information. For example Latest Breaking News And after publishing it you will see that your article will come to Search Engine Me First Page.

Make High-Quality Backlinks

 In the early days of blogging, I did not believe in the concept of Back Link, but when I tried to know about Back Linking Concept then I went.

Back Linking is a process that is essential for the authority and stability of any blog, as well as it can bring huge changes in the ranking of any blog. In addition, backlinks are also very important places in many Top Blogs Traffic and Ranking.

Let me explain this in detail - when a new product comes on the market then how will you decide whether you will buy it or not? You will see a Review of that Product or Advice to your friends. That's Already using this product or you will see an advertisement for that product.

This is exactly what happens when some Blog / Website Adds your Url through Post / Blog on your blog. A blog that gives your blog a backlink. She tells her visitors that she follows your blog and your blog is useful for her. And behind this one backlink is this message.

Yes, you can buy backlinks, there are many people here who do this for some money. But my advice is that you should build backlinks yourself. Talk to other bloggers related to your blog, and share your blog articles with them.

And ask them to publish it as Guest Post. Really this method will provide you with quality backlinks. Because 10 Quality Backlinks are more important than 100 Puer Backlinks.

Optimize Your Website (SEO)

SEO is a very important topic. So here we are going to tell about its importance and need.
How do you know what is the search engine in your article? I am asking this question because there is no such person who can reach your article and read it and tell the search engine that this article is about "Topics", which is filled with "XYZ" information.

Search Engine is a Computer Program and when you search for a search engine that you have published a new article and request it to be indexed in Search Engine Database. Then Search Engine crawls your page.

As I mentioned earlier, Search Engine is a Computer Program and as per each program, there is a Predefined Logic for evaluating things. This helps the Predefined Logic Crawler to decide what's important in your article.

Such as - A logic - all the words that have been "Bold" mentioned in your article are important.
Another is another logic -: The "ALT" attribute of the image that is included in the image to indicate that your article is important.

Crawler caches this information and decides how much your article is worth. Now you will understand the importance of SEO.

Be Patience

It takes some time for all the Points given above to show off their results. Friends To write success with your own blog, it is not enough to write an article only with Unique Content and all SEO Techniques. Rather it's an Ongoing Process.

Writing Unique Content and Creating Quality Backlink is an art and you will be more timed and experienced with it. The more you follow it, the more you will learn. Rate Actually I want to say this because you must have the courage to reach any result and place in blogging.

Because SEO takes a lot of time to show the effect, but remember that if you write Unique Content as well as optimize it then no one can stop you from being successful.

So Friends, therefore, you should provide Unique Content to your Readers so that they come to your blog repeatedly and visit your Blog.

Friends If you think about logically all the points. Then you will see that all these Points are connected to each other.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you understand what I say on this article unique content and quality backlink improves your site ranking. And get in the first page in google search result so what are you waiting to optimize your site and get them in the search result

if you ask me any question about this topic comment below. I will answer your comments and please share this post and keep support