Web hosting is especial consequential part of any website if you built your website in WordPress and any other CMS framework. Today we will talk about what is web hosting services and why it is needed.

what is web hosting services

We will find out what kinds are what is web hosting, how web hosting work, Different types of web hosting. Which is the perfect web hosting for you? And how to choose the web hosting in begging of the website or web hosting cost

Here That What We Learn About Web hosting

  • What is web hosting services?
  • How does web hosting work?
  • Different types of web hosting?
  • How much does web hosting cost?

  1. What Is Web Hosting Services?

If you want to understand what is web hosting services and how they provide hosting services first we need to figure out  "What is domain"   To make it easier for you to understand,  what is web hosting let's return to the, where I explained on the example of streets,

why do I need it? If we continue this analogy with real life, then the domain name (website address) indicates the place where the site is located, that is, a particular apartment or a separate house.

The website is just a very big assemblage of thousands of files. These files consist of information that the user sees when they enter it

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To store somewhere these files, people came up with servers (computers with special software) that work and are on the network 24 hours a day to ensure continuous operation of the sites. A service that provides access to the storage of their files on these servers is called "Web Hosting ".

  1. How web hosting work?

Now the second part of this post you are very curious to know that how web hosting does works and how they collect website data and how to show the user in the perfect manner.

Hosting ( Eng hosting -. To receive guests) - a service that provides space on a server located on the Internet constantly, to accommodate and store files on your site.

It turns out that hosting, or as it is also called "hosting provider", helps us to place site data on our servers.

You probably saw such Image of the data center.  

How web hosting work

 Image Source

So it looks like "data center", where these servers are located. Each hosting has its own or rented Datacenter, which can be located in any city and country.

Servers come with different characteristics, depending on the capacity and amount of disk space for files placed on it. Let's see what kinds of hosting there are

  1. Different types of web hosting?

There are mainly 4 types of web hosting services

  • Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the most common kind of hosting service if you start your website you just have a little amount of data in your site and very low traffic this web hosting is recommended for you.

This is the very cheapest web hosting service. This was the reason that for simple and young websites – it is the best option.

On a physical server in the data center, you are allocated only a certain amount of disk space and processing power, depending on the purchased tariff from the web hosting.

  • Virtual dedicated server

Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)) - a dedicated server is emulated within the physical server with special software. It has all the functionality necessary for full management and configuration, but it still uses part of the physical server.

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This web hosting for Most suitable for professional websites with complex computing processes and heavy traffic. When your site grows up and it lacks the characteristics that virtual hosting gives you, you can easily switch to VPS.

  • Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is a physical server with the required configuration of technical characteristics. We can assume that under your site installed a separate computer with full functionality, and not allocated part of the site, as in the previous two options.

Such servers usually use large IT projects. And which websites they have a large number of file collection and they have the very high amount of traffic on the website

  • Colocation

Colocation is a service when you place your equipment to create a server in the data center of a hosting provider. You can say that you pay for renting a room and maintaining the working capacity of the equipment. This types of server used in very big companies like Google Facebook

  1. How much does web hosting cost?

As I have already mentioned, the cost will depend on the chosen tariff, which takes into account not only the capacity of the leased space or equipment but also additional services.

It can range from 10$ a month to several hundred thousand $. If you are a beginner and want to make a simple website for your company, a blog, an online store or a simple you choose Shared Hosting, then for the first time you will have Virtual Server

After that when the user comes in large number on your website then you can move in Virtual Dedicated Server or Dedicated Server.

Final Words

With the question "what is web hosting services? And Different types of web hosting and web hosting cost?" and which one you chose your website.

I think we have fully figured out this post about web hosting. If you still have questions and queries, I'll be happy to answer them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this post keep support