HTML Tags List

In HTML Programming Tags is very useful attribute to make perfect HTML design HTML Tags List are the different types of tags we use in HTML. Every tag is important in the HTML design An HTML file is created only by HTML tags.

Now you should be wondering what this HTML tag is - what is an HTML Tag? How many types of HTML tags are - Types of HTML Tags? How HTML tags are written in an HTML document - How to Define a HTML Tag?

In this Lesson, we will give you complete information about HTML tags. To understand HTML tags easily, we have divided this Lesson into three parts.

HTML Tags List  So let’s we start 

  • HTML Tags Introduction   
  • Syntax of HTML Tags
  • Different Types of HTML Tags
  • Conclusion

  • HTML Tags Introduction   

HTML Tag is a simple word or letter. Which is surrounded by angular brackets (<>). Thus, an HTML tag is formed from a simple word / letter and angular brackets. Below are some examples. You will easily understand HTML Tag by reading them.

  • Form Tag

Form is a simple word. Form Tag is used to create a form in the HTML document. To create a Form Tag in HTML Language, writing Form of Words between Less Than and Greater Than creates an HTML Form Tag. Which will be written as?

Syntax -

  • Paragraph Tag

Paragraph Tag has been created to write paragraph in the HTML document. In which the only word of paragraph is used P By which paragraph tag is formed. Here the letter P is written between Less Than and Greater Than. The paragraph tag is written as

Syntax –

<p> viral content spot </p>

  • Bold Tag

Bold tag is used to deepen the text. The Bold word is simply used to create Bold Tag. Here the letter B is written between Less Than and Greater Than. It is written as follows.

Syntax –

<b> viral content spot </b>

The HTML tag is named after the Rules being defined by them. Therefore, the name of Tag is easily understood only by the use of that tag special. After working with HTML tags a few days you become familiar with HTML tags.

The text that is applied to the HTML tags. That text gets marked in the name of the same tag. That is, the text identified between <p> Text </ p> is known as a browser paragraph. That's why the HTML is called Markup Language.

The function of HTML Tag is to define Text. Then read the Rule defined by Interpreter tag.  After reading and displaying text according to rule.

  Syntax of HTML Tags
  • Text
  • Opening Tag
  • Closing Tag


Text is that information; the webpage is written in the information or information you want to tell to your users. That text is written here. After writing text, Syntax looks something like this.

<Tag Name> viral content spot
Opening Tag

The Opening Tag is also called the Start Tag. The task of Start Tag is to tell the browser that it is now becoming Rule Define.  So that the browser could read that tags correctly. The Opening Tag is written as

<Tag Name>

Closing Tag

The closing tag is also called end tag. From end tag the browser is told about the end of Define Rule by the Opening Tag. These three Elements together make Syntax of an HTML Tag. They are written together this way. This is the complete syntax of an HTML Tag.

<Tag Name> viral content spot </Tag Name>

Forward Slash (/) is used to separate Closing Tag from Opening Tag.

Syntax of all HTML tags is not the same. Syntax described above is used in Paired Tags. But, some HTML tags are alone. They are called Empty Tag. Syntax of Empty Tag is written as

Different Types of HTML Tags

There are different types of tags in the HTML language. Each tag is used to define different elements. There are two types of HTML tags:

  1. Paired Tag
  2. Unpaired Tag
  1. Paired Tags

Paired HTML Tags they are HTML Tags. Those who are written in pairs A Paired Tag has two parts. The first is the opening part. Which is written as such?

<Tag Name>

The second part is the Closing Part. This part is written after the content. This part is defined thus.

</Tag Name>

Most of the HTML is Tag Paired Tag. But, like everything else, exceptions are also - Unpaired Tag

  1. Unpaired Tag

Unpaired Tag is also called Singular HTML Tag. These tags are alone. Singular Tag does not have a companion tag. Opening Part and Closing Part are written simultaneously in an Unpaired Tag. A singular tag is defined in HTML document this way.

<Tag Name />

  • Conclusion
In this lesson we have told you about HTML tags. Did you know what the HTML tag is? Various types of HTML tags are also given in this lesson. Apart from this, syntax of HTML tags is also defined.
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