How to maintain beauty and health?  Natural daily self-care tips will help maintain health and beauty. Natural beauty gives pleasure not so much to others

All of us, of course, are beautiful by nature, but to be a truly beautiful woman is a great art and work, because the beauty of a woman is both the state of her health and the state of her soul, the way she acts every day, how she looks, as he says, what talents in himself he discovers and develops, what brings to the world.

Natural Beauty And Health Tips For Women

Natural Beauty and Health Tips For Women

To make it easier to comprehend the art of beauty, let's find out the main secrets of beauty and health right now.

You will achieve the greatest results by taking a comprehensive approach to yourself. In fact, external and internal beauties are very close to each other, we will talk about the depth of their relationship with you in future articles. In this article, we will consider the secrets of beauty and health that will help you work on yourself, which side of beauty you would not touch on.

Life changes happen when you change yourself. So:

1.     Beauty and Health Is the Development of Inner Beauty

Inner beauty, charm create and define our outward attractiveness, and then we live and fill the space around with our unique aroma of sophistication, spiritual comfort and warmth.

External beauty is a gift given to us from the Lord / nature (everyone interprets himself), to each his own, but it is also the result of harmonious development and work on oneself. The main thing is to be a well-groomed woman, which also requires work.

Now let's look at an approximate list of what you need to pay attention to when developing inner beauty:

beauty secrets and tips
beauty secrets and tips

  • Personal qualities such as kindness, understanding, acceptance, patience, respect, self-esteem and others.
  • Spiritual growth
  • Development of communication skills, mutual understanding.
  • Daily deeds and actions, deeds
  • Minute thoughts Let them be light and light, here is an article to help you on how to get rid of thoughts and headaches.
  • Speech, movement A woman is distinguished from a man by a calm gentle voice, smoothness and grace.

2.     The Correct Understanding of Yourself and Your Tasks

  • What do you want to be?
  • What traits does a real woman have and what are her tasks? Do you need to develop femininity?
  • How do you feel about your loved ones?
  • What good deeds have you done today for yourself, your loved ones, for other people?
  • What can you do right now to be better?
  • How do you want to look today and how should a woman look?
  • What can
  •  you do with your own hands?
  • Do you feel happy and / or when you feel happy?

You can come up with questions yourself, the main thing is to answer yourself honestly and try to understand the desires and needs of your soul. If you cannot understand your goals and objectives, someone will prompt or impose them on you. Whose life will you live then?

In life, it is impossible to guess how others see you, so there is no point in trying to meet someone's expectations, but you always need to try to develop yourself, to purify your soul and body. Then harmony will be reborn in life.

natural beauty tips
natural beauty tips

Once you understand your tasks, another secret is revealed to you:

3.      Gain Beauty and Health Only Through Action

The beauty and health of a woman, and how interesting she is, depends only on herself.

A woman always has a lot of exciting, useful and pleasant female affairs, but sometimes she doesn't want to do anything at all.

A simple rule to combat laziness: the main thing is to start doing something within the first three seconds, then you will not be stopped.

There is one more important point: never create a fuss, do not create a cycle of affairs. A woman does everything in a very organized and harmonious manner, consistently.

4.      Secret of Beauty and Health Is Purposefulness of Actions

There is nothing as useless as doing with great diligence what you shouldn't do at all. - Peter Drucker.

Where you direct your attention, there your energy goes, there you act most actively and it is in this that changes and improvements occur. It is impossible to return wasted time, therefore check the usefulness and necessity of your goals, actions, and thoughts.

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If you want to be healthy, truly beautiful, then you need to understand what you need to do for this. You can even make a plan of those actions that will help you with this and gradually implement it. And the first secrets (development of inner beauty, correct understanding of oneself) of this article will tell you in which direction you can start to act.

fitness tips for women
fitness tips for women

To have the desire to act, we comprehend the following secret:

5.     Live a Fulfilling Life Today

Create new good emotions every day, fill every day with meaning, instead of complaining about how good it was once or that today everything is the same as yesterday. The past cannot be returned, and we will never know what will happen tomorrow, so we need to live now. Remember, there is a song like this:

".there is only a moment, between the past and the future, it is he who is called life."

Each person himself fills his day with what he wants, then it turns out like this:

In general, for her health, a woman needs to get joyful pleasant emotions more often, so think about how you can pamper yourself. And, of course, what good can you do for others than please. A woman becomes more beautiful outwardly when she feels joy in her heart.

1.     Secret to Beauty and Health Is Maintaining Physical Health


Let's analyze the important factors of health:


This is the health of your entire body. In addition, for a woman it is a special grace and beauty.


Good posture rules:

  • Strengthen your back muscles.
  • We consciously follow the gait.
  • You can't carry the bag on your shoulder!
  • We make sure that the back is straight, when you walk, sit, whatever you do, keep your back straight.
  • Open your shoulders, keep your head straight, look in front of you.
natural  health secrets
natural  health secrets

Interesting Breathing Facts:

  • Breathing in and out through the mouth is a female type of breathing that allows the uterus to fill and the heart to open. Such breathing is not done for long when performing female practices, in life it is harmful to breathe like that.
  • Like the ancient sages, try to equalize the length of inhalation and exhalation, making them light and soft, without pauses.
  • Breathing as described in paragraph 2, we also harmonize our life. Breathing in is the process of accepting and receiving something in our life, and the type of exit indicates what we are giving, letting go (for example, situations, people or material values). When breathing becomes even, then the ability to give and receive becomes one.
  • Breathing changes our life, our reaction to situations.
  • For women, it is important to learn how to breathe with the stomach: put your hand on your stomach for better feeling, when you inhale, the stomach fills and rises, when you exhale, it goes down.
natural beauty women
natural beauty women

Such breathing will improve your well-being, remove excess tension, and even affect the condition of the skin.

Use different opportunities to fill yourself with energy, for example, Sufi dances, help to remove anxiety, stress, resentment, negative emotions, the Sufi dance "Whirling" allows you to harmonize energies.

Correct and healthy diet

There is not much to say here. The main thing is to try to consciously monitor what you eat. Your health is in your hands!

healthy diet tips for women beauty
healthy diet tips for women beauty 

7.      Love and Faith

Love really works wonders. Even a woman in love looks much prettier and younger.

At every moment, a person acts either from a state of fear or from a state of love. We cannot be in these two states at the same time.

Therefore, take responsibility and watch what you are guided by when performing your actions, expressing your thoughts, in conversations. And always choose the state of love!