What kind of manufacturing business is now in demand, what types of manufacturing in a small business are better to start and what you need to pay attention to? We read in the article.


Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas

Now there is such a tendency that when planning to open a new business, first of all, trade options or options for providing services are considered. This is logical, because any manufacturing is obviously more complicated. Indeed, in such an area, it will be necessary not only to establish the manufacturing process itself, but first to choose what to produce, how to produce, how it will be better than the rest, and then - to understand how to implement.


But to everyone who says - why then make more efforts, we will answer - think then why large and experienced entrepreneurs do not abandon the manufacturing type of business? That's right, because the profits here, as a rule, are higher. Especially if you take your own niche and establish permanent channels.


Another point stopping beginning entrepreneurs from manufacturing is large investments in the start. Most of it goes to rent, because you need a room for equipment and a room for a warehouse, well, for the machines themselves, which will produce goods for you. But in fact, not all types of manufacturing require large investments at once. It all depends on what exactly you choose. And the main costs that we indicated at the beginning can also be reduced. So, for example, some people use their own garage for manufacturing, which allows them not to spend money on rent at all.


In general, small manufacturing has many advantages that a beginner should be aware of right away:


·         Large investments are not always necessary (we have just discussed this point).

·    You don't need to hire a large staff or rent a large space. In fact, a significant plus. Because hiring workers is very expensive.

·    Manufacturing scales easily, no matter what you are manufacturing. This is done by expanding the range or increasing volumes.

·        The manufacturing industry often receives grants from the state.

In the meantime, let's look at manufacturing options that are suitable for small businesses and do not incur large costs.


Here the list of top profitable manufacturing business ideas in low investment


1.     Cheese manufacturing

Cheese manufacturing

2.     Manufacturing of potato snacks

Manufacturing of potato snacks

3.     Dried fruit manufacturing

Dried fruit manufacturing

4.     Drinking water manufacturing

Drinking water manufacturing

5.     Compound feed manufacturing

Compound feed manufacturing

6.     Manufacture of paper dishes

Compound feed manufacturing

7.     clothing industry

clothing industry

8.     Monument manufacturing

Monument manufacturing

9.     Solar collector manufacturing

Solar collector manufacturing

10.                        Glued laminated timber manufacturing

Glued laminated timber manufacturing

11.                        Roofing material manufacturing

Roofing material manufacturing

12.                        Manufacturing of garden figures and garden decor

Manufacturing of garden figures and garden decor

13.                        Manufacturing of self-tapping screws

Manufacturing of self-tapping screws

14.                        Manufacturing of cinder blocks

Manufacturing of cinder blocks

15.                        Manufacturing of stoves for baths

Manufacturing of stoves for baths

16.                        Manufacturing of protein biscuits

Manufacturing of protein biscuits

17.                        Manufacturing of playgrounds

Manufacturing of playgrounds

18.                        Urbech manufacturing

Urbech manufacturing

19.                        Manufacturing of eco-notebooks

Manufacturing of eco-notebooks

20.                        Manufacturing of vegetable mesh

Manufacturing of vegetable mesh

21.                        Cardboard manufacturing

Cardboard manufacturing

22.                        Growing strawberries

Growing strawberries

23.                        Manufacturing of church candles

Manufacturing of church candles

24.                        Manufacturing of packaging for takeaway restaurant food

Manufacturing of packaging for takeaway restaurant food

25.                        Manufacturing of semi-finished products

Manufacturing of semi-finished products

26.                        Cricket farm

Cricket farm

27.                        Manufacturing of bath brooms

Manufacturing of bath brooms

28.                        Manufacturing of barbecues

Manufacturing of barbecues

29.                        Manufacturing of biodegradable bags

Manufacturing of biodegradable bags

30.                        Manufacturing of aluminum foil

Manufacturing of aluminum foil

31.                        Popcorn manufacturing

Popcorn manufacturing

32.                        Manufacturing of eco-toys

Manufacturing of eco-toys

33.                        Recycling waste paper

Recycling waste paper

34.                        Busy-board manufacturing

Busy-board manufacturing

35.                        Champaign farm

Champignon farm

36.                        Kitchens to order

Kitchens to order

37.                        Home cosmetics

Home cosmetics

38.                        Winery


39.                        Change houses for workers

Change houses for workers

40.                        Stained glass manufacturing

Stained glass manufacturing

41.                        Biodegradable cocktail straws

Biodegradable cocktail

42.                        Manufacturing of wooden constructors

Manufacturing of wooden constructors

43.                        Manufacture of clothes for church ministers

Manufacture of clothes for church ministers

44.                        Manufacturing of transparent concrete

Manufacturing of transparent concrete

45.                        Industrial hemp farm

Industrial hemp farm

46.                        Furniture from pallets

Furniture from pallets

47.                        Tablecloths-coloring


48.                        Manufacturing of squash caviar

Manufacturing of squash caviar

49.                        Manufacturing of stretch ceilings

Manufacturing of stretch ceilings

50.                        Manufacturing of bio-fireplaces

Manufacturing of bio-fireplaces

51.                        Glazing of balconies

Glazing of balconies

52.                        Manufacturing of self-leveling floors

Manufacturing of self-leveling floors

53.                        Manufacturing of acrylic baths

Manufacturing of acrylic baths

54.                        Manufacturing of photo tiles

Manufacturing of photo tiles

55.                        Manufacturing of flexible stone

Manufacturing of flexible stone

56.                        Manufacturing of foam blocks

Manufacturing of foam blocks

57.                        Lavender and dried flowers farm

Lavender and dried flowers farm

58.                        Sewing clothes for pets

Sewing clothes for pets

59.                        Manufacturing of aerated concrete

Manufacturing of aerated concrete

60.                        Photobooks to order

Photobooks to order

61.                        Granola manufacturing

Granola manufacturing

62.                        Own mill

Own mill

63.                        Making helium candles

Making helium candles

64.                        Yarn manufacturing

Yarn manufacturing

65.                        Making wooden dishes

Making wooden dishes

66.                        Making jewelry

Making jewelry

67.                        Manufacturing of layouts to order

Manufacturing of layouts to order

68.                        Manufacturing of detox juices

Manufacturing of detox juices

69.                        Mini-printing house

Mini-printing house

70.                        Manufacturing of florariums

Manufacturing of florariums

71.                        Making bouquets and fruits

Making bouquets and fruits

72.                        Sewing slings for children

Sewing slings for children

73.                        Manufacturing of business cards

Manufacturing of business cards

74.                        Manufacturing of fuel briquettes

Manufacturing of fuel briquettes

75.                        Own cheese dairy

Own cheese dairy

76.                        Branding of dishes

Branding of dishes

77.                        Manufacturing of decorative stone

Manufacturing of decorative stone

78.                        Manufacture of leather belts

Manufacture of leather belts

79.                        Manufacturing of homemade jam

Manufacturing of homemade jam

80.                        Manufacture of magnets

Manufacture of magnets

81.                        Growing greens

Growing greens

82.                        Manufacture of rubber tiles

Manufacture of rubber tiles

83.                        Bee apiary

Bee apiary

84.                        Manufacturing of cottage cheese

Manufacturing of cottage cheese

85.                        Chicken Farm

Chicken Farm

86.                        Handmade soap

Handmade soap

87.                        Manufacturing of fruit chips

Manufacturing of fruit chips

88.                        Salad manufacturing

Salad manufacturing

89.                        Craft Brewery

Craft Brewery

90.                        Manufacturing of ecologically clean water

Manufacturing of ecologically clean water

91.                        Manufacture of disposable tableware

Manufacture of disposable tableware

92.                        Manufacturing of paving slabs

Manufacturing of paving slabs

93.                        Manufacturing of alcohol

Manufacturing of alcohol

94.                        Manufacturing of corrugated board

Manufacturing of corrugated board

95.                        Manufacturing of crushed stone and colored chips

Manufacturing of crushed stone and colored chips

96.                        Manufacture of toilet paper

Manufacture of toilet paper


In any case, before the final choice of manufacturing for your own business, you will need to study well the market in which you are going to operate. You need to know the audience, and the demand, and the ability to pay, and competitors in order to understand what to expect and what marketing tools to use. Please note that your business will have to meet the following criteria:

·       The product should be in demand, which will not be greatly influenced by the level of income of the population.

·   The raw materials that you will use for manufacturing are supplied by companies otherwise you will simply significantly increase the cost of finished products.

·      The level of competition must be acceptable. It makes no sense to enter an over saturated market with such costs.