I have been fond of reading books since childhood. I have read many books, today I will tell you about 30 books which I have read and these books have changed my life a lot

10 Books That Can Change Your Life Forever

When you were a kid, you probably remember that all grown-ups used to tell you to read books because “it’s good for you.” From parents to doctors, teachers and librarians, everyone person advise you that we should read books. Books are beneficial for your health and wellness.

Research shows that reading books not only makes you smarter but also makes you sharp and analytical as you age. Books are an integral part of our lives, just like a partner because they initiate conversations and conversations and discussions are important for the development of the mind.

Those who read books know that books have a good effect on our mind and if you do not believe this, here I mention 30 books just read one books and see what change in your life

Best life-changing books

On The Shortness of Life

Buy – On The Shortness of Life

This book was written in 49Ad by Seneca the Younger, a Roman Stoic philosopher

Book Orginal Lanaguage – Latin

Author – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Mastery Manual

Buy – The Mastery Manual

Book inspiring you and add some value in your life. The Mastery Manual makes some changes in your life and trust me its good changes

Book Language – English

Author: Robin Sharma

Buy – The Big Questions of Life

The name of this book should be Answer of the life instead of big question of life. Book really easy to understand it’s make clear important aspects of rightful living.

Book Language – English

Author: Om Swami


Buy – Originals

You love the originality and divergence of the author. Book tells you how to work in corporate world. Very original indeed..!!

Book Language – English

Author: Adam Grant

12 Rules for Life

Buy – 12 Rules for Life

When you read the book you will get a life lesson from it. One of my best philosophy books I ever read. You will definitely relate your life upon it.

Book Language – English

Author: Jordan Peterson

Illustrator: Ethan Van Sciver


Buy – Flow

It is the masterpiece this book is about state of flow and state of mind. I would suggest the person who want to about know how mind work in terms of joy and happiness.

Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Genre: Self-help book

Original language: English

Discourses and Selected Writings

Buy – Discourses and Selected Writings

Amazing how a book of this size contains so much wisdom and has influenced so many fields of knowledge and religions. It’s a book to keep on your bedside for the rest of your life.

Author: Epictetus

Original language: Koine Greek

Thinking Fast & Slow

Buy – Thinking Fast & Slow

Author – Daniel Kahneman

Original language – English

Genre – Non-fiction

Pages – 499 pages

Subject – Psychology

Intelligent Investor

Buy – Intelligent Investor

One of the best books to understanding stocks the markets and mutual funds. The writer explains the stock market in detail with example.

Originally published -1949

Author – Benjamin Graham

Pages – 640

Cover artist – Donavan Hayes

Power of Habit

Buy – Power of Habit

This book is about your bad habit like smoke drink alcohol eat tobacco and cannabis. The book helps you to leave your bad habit and change your life routine

Author – Charles Duhigg

Genre – Self-help book

Original language – English

Pages – 371 pages

Hey guys I hope you like mention books.

You must read these books once. I am absolutely sure that if you read these books, your life will never be the same. Your way of thinking will change. Become more positive than before. I think that you will be able to do any work in a better way.