Before you check the top bookmarking site list 2022. First we know little about bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a process where you save the site blog post pages and on a social bookmarking site.

Top Free Dofollow Bookmarking Sites List 2022

First of all, we need to choose top free do follow bookmarking site so that your increases website value. Currently social bookmarking is a popular medium for getting backlinks to your site.

These websites have the facility that you may wish to bookmark your content and r website, tag it with any other content, or share it with anyone through the Internet. You can also share this content with your friend or with people of similar interest.

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If you find any news, feature, analysis or column interesting on our website and you want to keep it in future use or to share it with others, then click on any of the links below the page.

You can use all these websites for free but you have to register yourself. Once you have registered, then you can start bookmarking.

Each of these websites works differently. So before registering, let's see which site you feel is right according to your needs.

Top Free Dofollow Bookmarking Sites List 2022

top bookmarking site list 2022

There are so many social bookmarking sites and that are spammy. But here we only discuss only high pr social bookmarking sites list 2018 the Internet across the large social bookmarking sites get, but it’s a few social bookmarking sites are very popular
So Here the list of top bookmarking sites

Google Bookmark

(Alexa  -  1,  Da – 99)

Google Bookmark provides your website's online bookmark facility, which provides some useful information, and also uses share blog website URL and information. This is the free like other Google product. Only Google user account that can be used this service

(Alexa  -  543,  Da – 98)

Reddit is the most famous site to bookmarking your site.  Reddit is the best platform for discussion in any topic first you create sub-reddit in this site if you are not creating the sub-reddit then you will be banned soon in this site

(Alexa  -  2312,  Da – 96)

Diigo is also very popular website vie to bookmark your site you need to create your account in Diigo  free and premium whatever you want in premium you have more feather then free but I recommend you just go for the free account

(Alexa  -  3423,  Da – 92)

It is the very popular bookmarking site in this site we Can save links, web pages and, blog etc. We can also share bookmark already bookmark link. Using this site we create a powerful Backlink

(Alexa  -  512,  Da – 95)

Yes, this is content sharing site but we also do bookmark our website URL in this site. As we know that Tumblr very high traffic website if we bookmark our site link on the Tumblr we get high-quality referral traffic from this site

(Alexa  -  674,  Da – 97)

This site is well known as social networking site in which users can bookmarking site link and also search for particular content like your hobby, interests or topic related web pages. Now this site move on

(Alexa  -  12343,  Da – 81)

It is also a bookmarking site where we can easily submit our website link and boost the particular link and very fast index in the google and another search engine


(Alexa  -  532,  Da – 94)

Delicious is a social bookmarking web service. Where you can bookmark links according to the web. You can also share a link to a bookmark Delicious is able to organize your content with links that can be used by Flickr, Twitter, and Pinterest

(Alexa  -  45432,  Da – 85)

This I really great site in this bookmarking sites lists. Instapaper indexes your blog or website pages very fast in Google. Bookmarking is the very cool way to increase website traffic and  get high-quality backlink

(Alexa  -  1,  Da – 97)

This social bookmarking site is considered to be a good source for the bookmarked website and get quality backlinks, you know that quality backlinks help increase the website's traffic and Google keywords ranking

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I hope you get the best bookmarking site list and this task help you to improve your blog ranking.
Submit your blog post on those sites, to improve your search rankings. And you create backlinks for your site.

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Above in the post, there is the top bookmarking site list but there are some more of social bookmarking sites list below



Alexa Rank

1 167,991
2 199,362
3 137,439
4 834,192
5 373,373
6 797,919
7 10,204,720
8 1,601,392
9 7,668,349
10 237,016
11 171,375
12 1,239,508
13 309,790
14 720,211
15 715,274
16 643,342
17 441,971
18 1,378,005
19 12,883,255
20 720,509
21 877,293
22 193,581
23 3,592,592
24 641,035
25 817,033
26 827,784
27 906,536
28 894,918
29 344,944
30 174,496