If you are reading this article, it means that you are not indifferent to the sport and you do not care what you look like. You already deserve respect. It is never a shame to start something, you should not be afraid that they will point and laugh with a beginner.

Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

THIS IS NOT TRUE! A true professional will never judge, on the contrary, he will nod approvingly and will always help. The bodybuilding world is built on advice and mutual help. Now it is our turn to help all novice athletes with the necessary advice.

Tips For Bodybuilding For Beginners

Especially for YOU, we open a whole series of lessons for beginners. All the basics of bodybuilding tips for beginners here without further words and in the case.

Bodybuilding is the construction of your body. One cannot but agree with this. But, as in any construction, bodybuilding, too, must ALWAYS follow many rules. Each of us, I am ready to argue, has come across such a situation: You stand and look at a big, pumped up uncle and think that you will never become like that.

Nonsense! Everyone builds himself, you are no worse, and you just need to set the rhythm for the start. But be prepared that the process is not easy; you need perseverance, attention to detail and willpower. Okay, let's move on from talking to business.

Basics Tips Of Bodybuilding For Beginners

For a start, let's talk briefly about how muscles grow. In subsequent articles, we will touch on this topic in more detail, but for now, just understand the following. Many beginners do not understand the physics of the process itself. We explain. In training, you hurt your muscle, lifting a weight, the body takes the stress.

Essential amino acids enter the muscle from food - these are like tuning bricks; they make tissues stronger and more voluminous (this is called super compensation) so that the next time it surely withstands the load. But we are more cunning, and after a certain time, we will give our muscles a load even more in order to repeat this process again. In simple terms: training is a builder, rest and food are bricks. One without the other is inappropriate.

Here Are A Few Concepts That You Should Know Not To Be Confused:

Approaches And Repetitions

It seems that everything is clear without explanation, but at first glance. Here you came to the gym and how many times you were going to shake the barbell? Do not know? So listen carefully.


Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

One full amplitude of movement, as in school, from the extreme point to the extreme and back. In bodybuilding, it is customary to do at least 8 repetitions and up to 15. It depends on the weight with which you work and on what you want to achieve.

The approach is your 8-15 reps. We recommend doing approaches from 3 to 5, according to your well-being. If you feel that the muscles are not yet blocked and can work, then go ahead to a new approach.



Pumping Or the so-called "pamp" is the state when a large amount of blood accumulates in the muscle. She poured noticeably, but over time, this state passes. Pumping is good, a guarantee of proper training, the muscle works, and therefore it grows.

But “pamp” will be only if you make a large number of approaches and repetitions, preferably 5 to 15. Do not forget to show off in front of the mirror during pumping, evaluate your work, it will be a motivation for further loads.

Super Compensation

If you hear this scary word in the gym or read on the Internet, then do not worry, I'll tell you everything now on my fingers. In a nutshell, super compensation is a period during which the muscle fibers are restored, strengthened, the muscle becomes stronger, larger, due to this, your strength grows.

Roughly speaking, this is the recovery period between workouts, but for each muscle it is different (about 10 days, but different for everyone), also depends on the quality of rest and on nutrition, therefore it is impossible to install it.

Muscular Failure

Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

Each muscle group requires a different time to recover. For example, the back and chest muscles will require about 10 or even 15 days to recover. And the biceps and deltas will recover in 3–5 days. Later we will definitely talk about super compensation and you can achieve growth as quickly as possible.

Anabolism and Catabolism

The process of muscle growth, the formation of new tissues. Its quality depends on the number of amino acids (well, or if it is convenient proteins). And they come into our bodies from food, but not from fast food and sweets, but from proteins and slow carbohydrates (only from the right food, more about the diet will also be discussed later). Well, a large number of amino acids contains sports nutrition.


Catabolism Is The destruction of muscle tissue. How does this happen? Elementary. You stayed in the gym, decided to train more, and the body has enough of its reserves for only 40 minutes - 1 hour of training. Then you have to feed you with amino acids from the muscles, destroying them. Here is the most common example of catabolism.

Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

Well, about the basic concepts figured out. In the next article, we will talk in detail about such an important concept as load progression. Below you will find some important tips

Bodybuilding Beginners? Then Listen Carefully!

Do It Right

Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

During training, you can not soar in the clouds, when doing the next approach. You should even be immersed in thoughts of training. After all, the correct execution is the key to success, if you break the technique, then there is no point in your studies. 

In addition, levity is very unsafe in the gym. Many professionals argue that if during training you only think about the performance of an exercise, the result will be higher than expected. True or not? Why not check it out?

Do Not Be Lazy To Warm Up

Do Not Be Lazy To Warm Up

You cannot neglect the workout, no matter how lazy it was to do it. First, you need to prepare your body for the load, run the blood into the muscles so that the body does not remain "cold." How much to warm up? Not less than 10 - 20 minutes. What to do? Run, knead joints, you can jump on a rope, do push-ups on the bars or pull-ups. 

Before each new exercise to do the approach with lightweight. What for? And to warm up this bundle of muscles, it will not remain without reward. Return after such a warm-up will be much more.

Do Not Forget About The Amplitude

This is not nonsense, as many believe, you cannot do for someone, you need to work for yourself. The amplitude of the movement must be complete, from the point of relaxation of the muscle to the point of complete tension and nothing else. Only then will the training be held with benefit and maximum efficiency.

Cheating is the worst enemy for a novice athlete -  you have probably heard this term in bodybuilding. “Cheating” means self-deception when you think that you are doing the right thing, but in fact, you help yourself by losing 50% of the result

This can be attributed to the popular among beginners pushing the barbell body while performing exercises for biceps. Forget about it! It is better to lose weight than to waste time. By "reading" can be attributed to the rapid implementation of the approach. But inertia takes half the success, think about it. Do the exercises slowly and technically.

When the training is over, what next?

We covered all the basics of bodybuilding, which relate to the implementation of exercises. But the most important process of muscle growth occurs after exertion, while you are resting. Here, too, a lot of their subtleties and nuances that cannot be ignored.

Do not overload yourself

Important Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners

The main mistake of beginners is to go to the gym every day and practice before losing your pulse. You can not do it this way! The best option is training every other day, so that there is not less, or even more days to recover, the muscles grow when we rest.

The limit of training - 45 minutes - 1 hour and not a minute more. Why? Because after 1 hour of stress, cortisol is produced, which destroys the accumulated muscles. Do not forget to divide the muscles into 3-5 groups, so as not to do everything in a row in the gym.

Rest to the full

In the hall you can go only when you feel rested, the muscles should not itch or hurt after the last workout. Rest is not less important, the loads themselves. After all, having come into the hall tired, full return from you will not work. In this case, it's better to have a day to rest. But it is not worth much to get involved in rest.

After a workout – Eat well

This is the most important and favorite part of all bodybuilders. Who does not fly headlong into the kitchen after a heavy load and very correctly. In the hall, we lose precious amino acids that must be restored with food. But you can't stomp anything either.

Lean on proteins and slow carbohydrates, girls only better on proteins. On average, an athlete needs at least 2 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight. More is better. Protein is like building blocks, a material for building muscles.

In the 21st century, for the convenience of athletes, there is a huge choice of sports nutrition that will greatly simplify food intake and add the missing amino acids. WE DO NOT ADVERTISE! Therefore, let us say frankly that it is possible TO do without sports nutrition! It only helps us, but never replaces food.

Will This Information Be Enough Bodybuilding Tips For Beginners?

I told you only the basics, opened my eyes to the world of bodybuilding. But this is not enough, want to know more? Follow us on social networks and Twitter. We will please you only with the most interesting and useful information.

Exercise, eat right, relax and be healthy.