Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers sensitively ensured that we, young mothers, strictly followed all their recommendations. And how much reproach was in the eyes of grandmothers, when moms did everything in their own way.

Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Of course, there were tips on caring for a newborn baby for new moms, which in fact was very helpful in caring for baby, but a lot of grandmother’s councils have absolutely no basis, and some can even harm the baby.

The 15 Newborn Baby Care Tips For New Moms

1. You Need To Bathe Your Child Daily

The skin of the baby is significantly different from the skin of an adult. Its peculiarity is that it secretes much less sweat (the beginning of the active functioning of the glands occurs in the third week of life, and their complete formation ends by the age of five). If we are talking about bathing as about hygiene, then it is enough to bathe the baby once in a couple of days.

If we consider taking a bath as a relaxing procedure, we can hold them every day. Just do not forget, after bathing, apply a moisturizing cream to the delicate skin of the crumbs.

2. Putting The Baby To Sleep In The Dark And Silence (For A More Peaceful And Sound Sleep)

Of course, there are children who easily wake up from the slightest rustle. But most sleep peacefully with some noise and dim light. In the presence of dim lighting and light noise (for example, quiet music or the sound of a working washing machine), children are quite able to fall asleep. In the future, this ability can turn into a good habit of falling asleep regardless of the situation: when traveling in an airplane or train, or during the New Year celebration, when a company of adults is still having fun in the next room.

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3. At The Temperature Of The Child Must Be Rubbed With Alcohol

This procedure will not affect the body temperature. Unless it cools the surface of the skin for a few minutes, until part of the alcohol evaporates. But another part of it, absorbed through the skin, enters the blood. It's like giving the kid a drink of vodka for the night. Does your child need this treatment?


4. Wash Your Hands With Soap For Disinfection Before Contact With The Baby

Once the laundry soap was recommended as able to "eat off" any dirt, and with it the harmful microbes that live in this dirt. Now developed a lot of tools to combat germs that are added to special toilet soap. And the benefits are obvious, and the smell is more pleasant.

Newborn Baby Care Tips


5. Prohibit The Baby To Jump On Your Lap - The Child Will Have Crooked Legs

It is a myth. This does not affect the future shape of the legs. But the skill of maintaining balance and balance of movements - perhaps, yes. So babies learn to maintain balance and find a balance of movement. Therefore, it is not only fun, but also useful!


6. More Often Include Classic Music To Your Child - This Increases The Mental Abilities Of The Child

The role of classical music is high for spiritual enrichment and the formation of artistic taste, but as the results of the research have established, there is no direct relationship between classical music and the improvement of mental activity in a child. It’s impossible to become a genius just by listening to Bach, Schubert or Tchaikovsky. Even around the clock.

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7. Do Not Take The Child In His Arms When Crying, So As Not To Spoil Him. Let Him Cry

Kids communicate through tactile sensations. When you take the child in your arms, the crumb receives a signal that he is safe and not alone. That soothes him. Children up to 4 months are able to calm down on their own only with the help of a pacifier (sucking) or swaddling.


8. The Child Needs To Wake Up At Night To Change His Diaper

Excellent absorbent properties of modern diapers allow the baby to sleep peacefully until the morning. In this case, the urine of the child is sterile and does not irritate the skin. Therefore, changing the diaper at night is not necessary. But contact with the feces can cause diaper rash and infection, so a “run-up” diaper should not be left on the crumbs in any case. It is fraught with the occurrence of urinary tract infections, especially in girls.

9. It Is Dangerous To Vaccinate A Child During A Cold

ARVI does not affect the likelihood of side effects during vaccinations.


10. Use Of Sunscreen For Up To 6 Months Is Dangerous

Try to avoid walking during high solar activity (from 10 am to 4 pm). At other times, apply a small amount of the cream on the exposed skin of the child (face, hands, neck).


11. Obligatory Sterilization Of Bottles In The First Month Of Life

15 Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Dummies and crumbs are sterilized only before first use. Next, it is enough to use soap or a special tool for children's dishes. You cannot sterilize the whole world and do not need to strive to protect the child from all bacteria.

The child is exposed to bacteria and viruses from the outside in greater quantities than it may be in a well-washed bottle. It is impossible to create completely sterile conditions for the child - this is fraught with the development of allergic reactions due to the "idle" of the immune system.


12. Putting The Baby To Sleep On The Stomach Is The Safest Pose

Previously, doctors were worried that in this position the child would not be able to burp, so they recommended a position on the stomach or on the side. Recent studies have shown that these poses are associated with sudden death syndrome in infants. The safest sleeping position for babies is lying on their backs.


13. If You Add Rice Flour To The Mixture, The Baby Falls Asleep Faster

Do not rush things, wait until the baby is six months old. According to the results of research, early feeding (started before 6 months) is fraught with increased excitability, that is, it will provide the opposite effect, the children who started the feeding up before the age of 6 months, sleep worse than those whose parents decided to wait.

Also, the earlier introduction of complementary foods will adversely affect the body weight of the child in the future (there is evidence of a relationship between early feeding and increased body weight in the future).

14. Feeding Strictly On Schedule Is Extremely Important

It is best to feed the baby on demand; food is better absorbed when received on demand and eaten with appetite. Scheduled feeding does not allow for the development of internal “clocks” and the relationship between hunger and incoming food.

15. Choose Shoes With Hard Soles To Form The Foot

The fingers of the feet for the crumbs - the same tool of knowledge of the world, as well as the fingers of the hands. Therefore, if the crumb is in a stroller, it is better to refuse walking shoes at all, as a last resort, to prefer a flexible non-slip sole.

15 Newborn Baby Care Tips for New Moms

In order for your newborn child to feel comfortable, it is necessary to carry out daily hygiene procedures for the care of a newborn. They include washing, bathing, treatment of the umbilical wound, cleaning the nose and other procedures.