Burger cheese burger, hamburger!! Everyone crave for BURGER then,

Unhealthy food is said to be unhealthy because it cannot be eaten regularly and burgers are one of them, because it contain calories as you need for the whole day. So, enjoy burger but once in a while.


burgers are unhealthy

Do you know ? Burger contain big patty and cheese between two buns, did you know one burger have 500 calorie 200gm fat and 1200 mg of sodium. Fat is use as one of the main ingredients. The combination of high salt, high fat and high carbohydrates taste good it has many sugar intakes which cause high blood pressure. researchers found most of the fast food contain extremely high level of  many trans fatty acids  which leads to coronary disease , type2 diabetes and obesity whereas cheese contain protein , calcium and  phosphorus to help build strong bones.

In most burgers cheese used is, processed cheese which gets stored in your body easily as fat which means body getting double the weight.

Why burgers make you fat?

Eating hamburger will increase you saturated fat intake, ground chicken, potatoes patty is primary ingredient in hamburger is high in saturated fat. Some people prepare their burgers using additional fat like oil and butter. Saturated fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Academy of nutrition and deities recommends that you limit your saturated fat intake to 10 percent of daily calorie consumption. Hamburger does provide some nutritional value. It is good source of protein, iron and several other nutrients but if you choose to eat your hamburger on whole grain bun, it may also provide healthy filling fiber.

Calorie consumption:

burgers are unhealthy

Mc Donald hamburger – 240 calories

Burger king hamburger- 220 calories

McDonald big mc- 530 calories

Burger king whopper- 630 calories

To make your burger healthy best thing to cook at home, go grilled try it topless

What you eat should be appropriate to your levels of activity. If you are a very active person, you will need to adjust and eat a bit more. If you wanting to lose weight, you will need to consume less and increase activity.

Harmful effects of burger

unhealthy burger

Though fast food can be served and prepare quickly   but provide excess calorie and fat , fast food can be a good way to save time but not a proper way for nutrition’s as these food are of often  less little nutrition value, high in fat, sugar and calories , if you eat regularly comes with lots of side effects some are as follows –

1.    Obesity – it means having to much of body fat, even a small amount of burger can consider increase calorie intake, and they also replace healthy eating habit.

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2.  Heart disease – having burger 3 times in week will increase 80% of risk for heart disease because it contain saturated and Trans fat. They can clog the major arteries and overtime can results uncontrollable high cholesterol.

3.    Type 2 diabetes - it is the problem with body which causes blood glucose sugar levels to rise higher than no more. if you have type2 diabetes your body does not accept insulin .      

4.    Peptic ulcer – it is also known as PUD , A sore that develops on the lining of the stomach or small intestine , that extremely painful , doctor believes that stress , alcohol , spicy foods cause the most ulcers .

5.    Lack of family gathering – fast food not only have negative impact on your health it also has potential to damage interpersonal relationships with friends and family. When choosing a snack can miss a opportunity to seat and eat one place with family. Friends and co- workers, it’s easy to buy and eat on the way to next destination, the satisfaction of healthy meal is lacking in fast food.

6.    Irregular eating patterns – in order to be healthy you must eat in proper time, fast food can be consumed at any time , sometimes 3 or 4 times a day whereas home cooked food is served at proper time , which provide opportunity to rest and digest after eating.

7.  Waste of money – fast food can consume way to much money compare to buying fresh ingredient to cook. try this every time you eat unhealthy , note down how much  it costs and check out how much you spend in one week , then calculate how much you did per month , per year the results will shock you . Especially since money could have paid for multiple gym memberships.

8.    Loss of appetite- due to many reasons fast food doesn’t satisfy all the needs of our digestive system, this has many side effects including loss of appetite which further contributes to malnutrition can cause various health problems.

9.    Lack of essential nutrients  -   a role balanced meal can contain all six essential nutrients for human development carbohydrates , minerals , fats , proteins , vitamins and water , fast food contain some of these fats like for example  while others are absent this leads to imbalanced within your   body which is difficult to correct without proper diet .

10. Stress -    food rich in fat are reasons for many diseases related to heart , blood vessel , liver and many more essential body organs which is bodily functions. It has been observed meals rich in fat increase your body production of cortisol the major stress reason, certain food and drinks does powerful stimulus to the body. Hence direct cause of stress these ingredients can be avoided by using caffeine, tea, carbonated drinks and chocolates also white flour, salt and saturated fats. 

A study has shown that children who eat fast food like burger, pizza and fries tend to score less in maths, science and reading. It is associated with the fact that fast foods lacks in iron content which is important ingredient for the development of our brain cells.

Journey of thousands calorie begin with single burger. Fast food is popular because it is convenient and cheap it tastes good.  But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu.