Guest Blogging: The Ultimate Guide

Hello dear readers! In this article, I will share a well-known and quite popular way to promote a site, increase its trust, and promote your own brand through guest blogging.

Most likely, most of you were perplexed by this word, but in fact, its essence is very clear.

Tell me, what freeways you are used to promoting your projects?

It is enough to leave links in the comments and articles on large forums or portals, which makes it possible to get not only an increase in TIC and PR indicators, but also traffic, and if the subscription forms are configured correctly on the blog, then such traffic turns into subscribers.

Guest posting is not much different from this method, only here you already agree directly with the site owner that you want to write free and, most importantly, interesting content for his audience, and in return he will indicate who the author of the article will put a link on your site.

Guest blogging (posting) is a type of content exchange with other bloggers, that is, posting your articles on other people's sites.

Benefits of guest blogging


No matter how strange this activity may seem, the result is always the same. The site owner purchases the free article, and the content author receives the link, branding, visitors and subscribers.

Link - When the author's content is posted on a third-party site, then an open indexed link to the author of this material is placed in it.

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True, now it is better to close such links from indexing, but more on that later.

Naturally, such a link, whatever one may say, but when ranking sites in the search engine results will do its job and allow you to promote some yes of the queries. What happens if you write more than one such guest post?

Branding - Agree that recognition is one of the important factors of trust. Have you ever noticed the name of the brands of the goods that you buy in stores?

As a rule, these are all well-known brands that flicker on TV screens every day. It turns out that advertising makes the product recognizable on a subconscious level, and entering a store among two identical products, you will, of course, choose the one that you saw on the zombie box.

The same rules apply in blogging. Whatever one may say, but the name of your site, name or nickname will constantly catch the eye of the audience, which will make your project recognizable in absentee and will inspire confidence in it.

Visitors  - Once there is a link in the text, then at least every third reader will want to follow it and see what kind of blogger it is who writes such texts.

It is very important here that the guest content is interesting, relevant and encourages readers to express their opinion on the topic of the post.

The point here is to hook the reader and get them to follow the link to your project.

Subscribers - I have long understood that subscribers are the gold of any project. Visitors have come and gone, and a subscriber is someone who will become your client in the future

link branding traffic subscriber. 

Therefore, it is very important to correctly build a subscription system on your blog so that when a new reader goes to you, he can easily subscribe.

Customize your RSS feed and create subscription forms in Smart responder, remembering to correctly position them on the site, at least in the first screen's visibility zone.

To summarize, the benefits of guest blogging are link + branding + traffic = subscriber.


Where to look for sites to post content

Now let's talk about where to find sites ready to accept content from you for publication.

Search engines - The very first thing that comes to mind is the search engines, in particular Google.

You should type in guest blogging related queries into the search bar, for example, "post guest articles" or "accept guest posts" , etc.

Next, send your text and wait for the webmaster to post it on his site.

You need to be careful here, since not all site owners are conscientious and may easily not link to you.

It will be better if you first analyze the selected site: how the guest articles are posted there, are there any comments or look for reviews about this site.

Search directly - Its essence is to find thematic sites from yours and contact the owner directly, since there is a feedback form on each project.

Tell us about your project in the message and invite the addressee to publish your guest post on such and such a topic.

It will not be superfluous to talk about the benefits for the webmaster that he will receive using your services.

Even if such posts have never been posted on the site before, the owners can happily agree to your terms. In any case, nobody will beat you for the demand.


What sites are better for posting guest articles?


I don't think that any of you would like to spend a day writing an article, and after a while to find out that the site where it was posted has ceased to exist.

In order that this does not happen to you and you get the most out of it, I recommend adhering to such rules.

Neil Patel is most of the bloggers expect that in the next update, search engines will add to their projects several units of such indicators: TIC and PR.

Therefore, in order to get more link return from the donor's site, it is better to choose it with high TIC and PR.

But do not forget that such a site should in no case be spammed with links or be a link cleaner. Not only will you not get any benefit from the link posted there, but the Penguin filter from Google will also arrive.

Trust - You can talk about the trust endlessly, because there is no specific scale of how to define it for a site.

But I advise you to pay attention to:

Age of the site - If the site is still very young (up to a year), it will be difficult to predict how much time its creator will still have enough fuse.

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Update -The main thing is that the project is not abandoned, because in addition to the backward link mass, guest blogging implies receiving and transferring visitors to you.

Positions - It will not be superfluous to look at what positions the articles are in the top of search engines for the keywords for which they are sharpened.

Personally, I use the Check Trust service to determine the entire ins and outs of the site, from defining standard indicators, trust, spam and ending with the number of visitors' clicks.

Visitors - Perhaps one of the important criteria for selecting donors for a published article is the presence of those who will read it.

It will be difficult to find a high traffic site that wants to accept your guest post. But we must strive for such, because the benefits from this are good.

It is on such resources that you need to make every effort to the posted content in order to collect as many of the target audience as possible.


How to write guest posts

Below I want to give a few points that you should definitely consider when writing content for a guest posting.

Uniqueness - Never try to gain the trust of future subscribers by using stolen material. If the author of the blog is still successful, then the search algorithms are unlikely.

Registration - Do not write footcloths of text that will not arouse visual interest among visitors, even if it is not an article but a masterpiece.

Separate paragraphs, highlight important words in a different color or bold, and be sure to insert pictures that are unique and on the topic of the material.

Keywords - Sharpen the article for certain keywords so that it will be in the TOP of search results in the future. Such actions will allow you to get traffic and subscribers all the time. And links work better when people follow them.

Interestingness - The material should be not only useful for people, but also interesting. Make it so that the reader wants to discuss it in the comments or add to their bookmarks.


Google shut down guest blogging for SEO

Now let's talk a little about the sad. Previously, Google has already warned that it has begun to fight guest blogging, but not so long ago, a terrible thing happened.

The fact is that Matt Cutts received a message by personal mail with a proposal to place a guest post on his blog with an active link to the author's resource.

Guest Bloging Matt Cutts

This event served as an official statement from Google that they are starting to underestimate sites in the search results, using paid website promotion through guest posts.

But don't grab your head right away. Representatives of the foreign search engine made it clear that guest blogging takes place only if the webmaster wants to present himself and his brand to readers, build relationships, or somehow appear on the network.

However, if your goal is solely to get backlinks, then you should forget about guest posts once and for all.

Personally, I immediately have another question, but how will they distinguish, where is the corrupt post, and where it was written for the sake of readers voluntarily?

Viral Content Spot accepts guest articles

Yes We accept Guest Blogging

Now let's move on to the fun part. In this article, I want to publicly announce that anyone can post their content on my blog, and in return get those buns that were described above.

So, what you need to do for this:

First - You need to contact me through the "Contacts" page and indicate the topic on which you would like to write an article. After my approval, you start work.

I can also give you several topics to choose from: site building, seo, plugins, earnings, social networks, etc.

After you write a post, send it to me for review, and if everything is fine, then I post it. If you send a complete slag or the article is generally incomprehensible, then I can refuse you to publish it.

Second - There are a few rules to follow when writing a post.

  1. The article must be completely unique. No rewriting and copy-paste, for such cases go to SPAM.
  2. No water, it is necessary to write interestingly and strictly on an agreed topic.
  3. Use unique pictures.
  4. The volume is more than 1000 word and not more than 2500 words.

On this, perhaps, everything I hope that today you are not very tired, and maybe someone opened their eyes to a new type of website promotion on the network.