Don’t think that cool and attractive photos are only for photographers and designers. We all want our Instagram photos to look cool. There are many Instagram photo editing apps for creating high-quality photos.

Instagram photo editing apps

Let us tell you a simple working photo editing app that you will master.

The Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

1. InShot

There is the huge number of editing apps, but InShot still one of the most popular photo and video editors. Many Instagram User are limited to the free version of this program, as it has almost everything you need to edit both photos and videos.

The InShot application has an image template specifically for placement in a story or Instagram feed, so exporting photos from InShot directly to Instagram is much more convenient than from other applications.

2. Bazaart

Bazaart is complicated editor app, but it has large number of a wide variety of fonts. Bazaart is for creating beautiful texts in png format and pictures without a backing layer. You can write text, choose a font and size for it, and then save it as a png file to place on an image later.

A separate advantage of this application is a large variety of fonts for every taste and color.

In the free version, you will have to get used to the watermark, which you can optionally crop in other photo editor for purchasing the full version.

3. Meitu

Meitu is an image editor application which popular in china Taiwan. Selfies taken through this app’s camera will be retouched or processed in a hand-drawn Selfies taken with the camera of this app can be corrected or processed by hand-drawn style immediately after the smartphone’s camera shutter. To do this, just make a small adjustment of the future frame in a few clicks before shooting.

The free version has a sufficient number of effects, but if they are not enough for you, you can expand the functionality of the program by paying the developers.

4. Grid Maker

This application is designed to create an endless Instagram feed. You don’t have to adjust every piece of the overall image to social media standards – Grid Maker will do it for you.

A line of three adjacent frames can also be made in the free version of this program in just a couple of clicks: the application always breaks a frame into a number of separate images that is a multiple of three.

5. Preview

If you are afraid to immediately upload photos to the Instagram feed, then use the Preview feed planner. In it, you can also apply filters on photos, choosing the best combination of images and do delayed posting on Instagram.

Preview parses a free image stock from where you can immediately upload selected images and see how they will fit with your photos.

True, in the free version you can connect only 1 account. To link to multiple profiles, you will have to pay.

6. Adobe Lightroom

Tech giant Adobe is a free, highly specialized image processing application. Here you will not be able to attach graphic elements and create a collage from photos. This Instagram editor app is about something else; with it you can professionally adjust the color correction of the image, add natural saturation and adjust the lighting and shadows in the frame.

This application is more suitable for artiest who create content in the eternal pursuit of the perfect color scheme. They are ready to spend hours adjusting the exposure of the frame and choosing the right shade of color correction. Ordinary users are unlikely to appreciate the idea of ​​​​Adobe.

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7. Snapseed

Snapseed is the great free alternative to Photoshop in the world of Google’s mobile apps. It has all the color adjustment properties of Adobe Lightroom, along with the ability to add text and other graphic objects to photos. It also allows you to adjust the sharpness and quality of the photo.

8. Jane

The Zen mobile app has tons of free photo and video templates. Choose one of the templates that already have everything built in

The application has several layouts and templates in soft colors and in a minimalist style with discreet text and graphics.

If you want to use a more complex layout, you’ll have to pay for it.

9. AppForType

AppForType is text design application. The free version of this only has 54 fonts, more than half of which are used for writing other text, but it also has full complex compositions of inscriptions.

In the built-in templates and layouts, the user can change the colors, font sizes, and styles to show their personality in the image processing.

You can also overlay simple graphic elements in the form of splashes and strokes on your photo.

10. VSCO

This VSCO app is built-in camera and unique photo filters. If the filter doesn’t suit you, then use the manual settings and set the exposure, sharpness, temperature and toning values yourself.

It also allows you to set a single style for a number of images, so as not to adjust the exposure and color correction of the photo every time from scratch.

Compared to the free version and the paid version, the number of filters is greatly reduced.

11. Picsart

Many creative templates and designer graphic stickers have won thousands of users’ hearts. True, the most interesting creative’s remain in the paid version.

Apply stickers, edit text design, and create collages in just one application.

In addition, the application has basic functions for adjusting the color and exposure of photos, retouching the face and hair, which are also available in the free version of the application.

12. Vimage

If you want to animate a small part of the image, then use the free Vimage application. It helps to quickly add some small animated object like colored smoke, instant glare or soap bubble.

Use this app in moderation. Otherwise, you may spoil the picture.

Which is the best app for editing google photos?

Google’s Snapseed photo editing app is the best for editing Google photos

How to edit photo online?

All the apps mentioned in this article can edit photos both online and offline.

How to download photo maker app?

Android users can download Photo Maker from the Google Play Store and iOS users from the App Store.


Now you have all the apps to create a memorable visual for your Instagram account.

Try out different apps, ideas and trends and apply all the filters to your photo.

These are the top 12 best Instagram photo editing apps available on Google Play Store, you can use all these and make your photo cool and attractive.

If the first time you can’t edit the photo according to your plan, don’t be discouraged. It just means you are on the right track. Without trial and error, it is impossible to find your own style and implement it.

Which of these Instagram photo editing apps find the best and easiest do tell us by commenting and also share this post with your friends and relatives?