Today Instagram is the most popular social media platform. Almost 4 out of every 5 smartphone users use Instagram. Do you want to make your Instagram account attractive, beautiful and engaging? We have some photo editing ideas for instagram with these ideas; your account will look great on instagram.

Instagram photo editing ideas

Check Best Photo editing ideas on instagram

There are many simple tools and ideas for creating high-quality photo for instagram.

1. Image size

When you creating an image in any photo editor application for instagram, then do not forget to look at the number of pixels. The optimal size for instagram story is 1080 by 1920 pixels and for the feed photos – 1080 by 1080 pixels.

This way your photo will fit perfectly on Instagram’s size parameters, and it won’t look cropped and also leaves a lot of empty space between the borders of your photo.

2. Zoom

When taking a picture of an object or person, use the zoom in the camera app to get a little closer – the resulting image will be more expressive and detailed. If you forgot to do this during shooting, you can crop the photo in post-processing. The cropping function can be found in any smartphone, for this it is not even necessary to install additional applications.

In addition, photo cropping will help to adjust its size in width and length in order to “fit” it to the standard sizes of Instagram photos.

3. PNG: stickers and text

Png photos are transparent it’s without a backdrop. It’s some kind of sticker or text that you can put on your photo as a sticker and don’t bother separating the object from the background

PNG: stickers and text

Yes, it will be difficult to find something right for your style the first time around, so you have to understand what and where to look. You can also search PNG sticker on Google, by the name of the photo; you will get many PNG transparent photos according to your photo.

You can also download it in PNG format and overlay it on the image. There are many online website and applications where you can write any text, choose the size, font and bend for it, download and use it for free to decorate a photo. It is the best photo editing ideas for instagram apply to your account

4. Instagram Photo Editor Apps during Shooting

If you don’t want to waste much time making photos  then use these Instagram photo editor apps and instantly make your photos look good while shooting.

With the help of these applications, you can use the same design and color on all the photos. This method is suitable for accounts that strictly adhere to one style and color scheme.

Instagram Photo editor app is for making selfies look good and highlighted. They just add glow to the face, remove uneven skin tone and blur the background.

But use these applications with caution. Many such applications often spoil the photo. And too much retouching or bright filters can make photos look artificial.

5. Glitch effects

If your picture didn’t turn out well, and you don’t have time to shoot again, you can apply a glitch effect, which is already available in almost every photo editor. The idea of this instagram photo editing it will make your picture attractive.

Make sure that the glitch effect matches the overall style of your account. If it fits perfectly into your instagram account, then it will look really good and out of place.

6. Text alignment

We all ignore “align text” when it’s so important to make Instagram story look good. As a result, no matter how much useful good information you write, the reader will not be able to read it well.

Think about the convenience of your audience and make sure that they read all your interesting and important information till the end, and your work is not wasted.

7. Muted tones

If black and white photos are a thing of the past, then photos in muted tones are gaining popularity. It’s easy to do this by reducing the brightness of the image and adjusting the color correction for darker colors.

If you don’t want to change the color settings or don’t have time to select the exact parameters for one photo, use a translucent black rectangle or square and simply overlay the selected shape over the entire photo.

Besides making your photo more stylish, you can now overlay white text on this image, which will read well even at smaller sizes.

Muted tones Photo Editing Idea

8. Handmade drawing

Remember the longest trending Instagram trend, like natural; you can use it in the design of images.

Instead of using the ready-made PNG arrows, draw it by hand. If you want to “stick” some simple graphic element onto the picture, try drawing it first.

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, an artist, or have never touched drawing at all – the important thing is that you do something with your own hands. Let it be a little sloppy and crooked – the audience will still appreciate your efforts.

9. Grid

You can use the grid to build compositions not only during shooting, but also during processing. Zooming and cropping will again help with this.

You can use the grid to build compositions not only during shooting, but also during creating. Zooming and cropping will again help with this.

You can, of course, experiment with the placement of objects in the picture, but remember one simple rule that works in 99.9% of cases: the main object must be at the intersection of lines. So the eye of the viewer will immediately pay attention to the desired element.

10. Apply filter

Filters make photo more attractive. But don’t apply too many filters. Apply filters that enhance the color, light and shine of your photo.

Editing ideas for Instagram visual trends

Minimalism and “Air”

You can use all of these to make your Instagram account look attractive. Dim the lights spread a plain cloth and your favorite glass, an old cassette from your parents, a sophisticated girlfriend’s shoe or any other non-bulky object. Place in the frame and make instagram trending story – see the photo below to know more

Editing ideas for Instagram visual trends

Simplicity and honesty

Do not lie to the audience, not only in words, but also in the photo. Do not do much editing in the photo, let it be natural, do not cover up freckles be honest with your users. By showing your imperfections brings the follower closer to you and increases loyalty to a personal brand or company.

The only thing you can edit is to remove an extra object in the frame. Due to which the picture will look more attractive.

Simplicity and honesty photo idea

Acid world

Bright flashy shades are not a thing of the past, but intertwined with other trends and boldly keep up with fashion. Together, they perfectly compete with muted tones and gradually fading beige shades, combined with unimaginable shapes and atypical angles.

Do you want to declare yourself as an outstanding personality? Use acidic colors. But don’t use it too much. Look at the given below picture for the example-

Acid world photo editing idea

Cozy atmosphere

When a user enters your instagram id or account, he, first of all, wants to feel comfortable in it, “like at home”. It is clear that each person has his own concept of comfort, but the general trends of comfort are followed by most people – these are beige shades, soft textures, household items and slight sloppiness.

Such a presentation is perfect for a furniture company instagram account to create an association of comfort with its products or a psychological center where it is important for a client to trust a specialist.

FAQ’s  – how to edit photos for instagram

How to edit photo?

Before editing any photo, first check the photo quality, if the quality of the photo is bad, then it is going to take more effort to edit the photo for instagram, that’s why at any time while taking the photo, definitely pay attention to the quality of the photo. And focus more on taking the photo properly. You can learn to edit photos by following all the steps mentioned in above article.

What are the things to keep in mind while editing photos?

While editing the photo, we should keep the most attention on the quality of the photo, do not edit the photo so much, it can make the photo look worse. Keep in mind the size of the photo, text align and filter.

Final Words

In the above article, we have discussed the ideas for editing photos on Instagram, with the help of these ideas; you can make even your worst photos look very attractive.

Through this article, you must have learned how to edit photos for instagram. if you have any question in your mind about photo editing for instagram, then you can ask us in the comment and if you want to learn more new things about photo editing, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment below.

And how you all felt about the information given in this article, you can tell us by writing in the comment. And share this article to those people who want to know how to edit photos for instagram?